Download here the Weret User Manual


The Weret watch is an analog smartwatch that adapts to your lifestyle by streaming relevant live data directly to your wrist. Choose a data theme on the smartphone app that includes, for example, the swell height at your favorite magicseaweed surf spot or the weather conditions at a specific location. With a press on the middle button (the crown), the watch toggles between time mode - where the time is shown as on a standard analog watch - and data mode, where it moves the hands to show you the current data on the dials.

Important: A Bluetooth connection between a phone and the Weret watch is needed for the watch to receive the latest weather data. The phone needs to be within 5 meters range from the watch for Bluetooth connectivity. The Weret app needs to be running in the background for keeping the Bluetooth connection alive. Killing the app will close the Bluetooth connection. Keep the app running in the background, you can use the phone and other apps as normal.

Important: The watch crown and pushers are buttons and can not be rotated. The buttons work by pressing. Rotate them with force can lead to damage to the product.


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