The Weret watch shows the weather real-time data on its dial and sub-dials and by using the watch hands to point on the outer scale.

All Weret watches:

Windspeed, 0-12, (mph, m/s, beaufort scale)

Wave height, 0-12, (m, ft)

Wind origin (compass North/West/South/East)

Wave direction (compass North/West/South/East)

Sun position (Accent Waveform)

Tidal state (Accent Waveform)

US Imperial Weret Watches (Fahrenheit):

Air pressure (28 inHG to 31 inHG)

Air temperature (0°F to 120°F)

Water temperature (0°F to 120°F)

Metric Weret Watches (Celsius):

Air pressure (930 mBar to 1050 mBar)

Air temperature (-20°C to 40°C)

Water temperature (-20°C to 40°C)

All Weret watch models are available in two versions of the outer scale, select your preferred watch dial when purchasing your Weret.

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