The hands will use the outer scales and accent form to show numeric values. What scale and hand combination that the user should look at is communicated through information in the Weret app and depends on the data theme selected.

When in Time mode, hour, minute and second hands show the current time, which is defined by the time of the paired smartphone.

When in Weather Mode, activated by pressing the crown (middle button/P2) of your Weret watch, hour, minute and second hands show the extra information from your currently selected Theme - Wave Theme and Wind Theme, both with surf data powered by magicseaweed, or the Weather Theme with weather conditions such as air temperature and air pressure.

All Weret watch models are available in two versions of the outer scale, select your preferred dial when purchasing your Weret:

  • US Imperial with Fahrenheit and inches of Mercury (inHg)
    Left side: air pressure 28 inHG to 31 inHG
    Right side: air/water temperature 0°F to 120°F

  • Metric with Celsius and mbar.
    Left side: air pressure, 930 mBar to 1050 mBar
    Right side: air/water temperature, -20°C to 40°C

All Weret watches have the two sub-dials and the iconic Accent waveform:

Left sub-dial - wind speed (m, ft) / wave height, 0-12, linear (mph, m/s, beaufort scale)
Right sub-dial - wind origin / wave direction (compass North/West/South/East)
Accent Waveform - sun position / tidal state

Below you can see an example of how data is visualized:

The hour hand points at the outer scale, showing your selected location's current air temperature or water temperature in Celsius in the Metric dial and in Fahrenheit in the US Imperial dial. Select your preferred watch dial when you purchase your Weret watch.

Al Weret Watches have the iconic Accent Waveform. The second-hand shows the sun position or the current tide type. The 12 o'clock position indicates high tide, to the left of the center indicates flood current, and to the right of the center indicates ebb current.

Al Weret Watches have two subdials. left subdial shows your selected location's wave height (in meters or feet), or current wind speed (in the Beaufort scale, meters per second or miles per hour).

The right subdial shows your selected location's current wind origin or wave direction on the compass.

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