The Weret watch connects to your smartphone via the exclusive Weret App (available for iOS and Android devices). Once you install it and follow the connection instructions, you will see the following main screen:

Here are the Weret app functions:

A - The “My Watch” tab is what is currently shown in the app screenshot. It is the main screen of the app and it shows the latest data of the currently selected data theme.

B - The “Themes” tab shows a listing of currently available Data Themes that the user can pick from.

C - The “Store” tab takes the user to the Weret online e-commerce store where watches and accessories can be purchased.

D - The Time/Data toggle indicates if the watch is in Time mode or Data mode.  It can also be pressed to switch the watch between Time and Data mode.

E - Shows the configuration for the currently selected data theme. E.g. the location on a weather theme.

F - The watch matches the watch edition paired with the smartphone app. It mirrors the hand position on the actual watch and whose the data points in detail. 

G/I - Allows the user to configure the actions of the P1 and P3 pusher buttons.

H - The P2 button (the crown) can be pushed in the app, and the action mimics pressing the actual button.

J - Pressing any of the data points opens up a detailed view with further explanation.

Customize Pusher for a Function 

  1. Tap on one of the pushers on the first screen

  2. Click in the arrow to see the plugin options

  3. Click on the function you want to attach to that pusher

  4. Click “Save”


Select a Weather Theme 

  1. Click “Themes” tab

  2. Select a theme

  3. Click “Select theme”

  4. Select your spot on the map

  5. Click “Save”


Where can I download the Weret app?

Will you be pushing software upgrades in the future?

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