Important: A Bluetooth connection between a phone and the Weret watch is needed for the watch to receive the latest weather data. The phone needs to be within 5 meters range from the watch for Bluetooth connectivity. The Weret app needs to be running in the background for keeping the Bluetooth connection alive. Killing the app will close the Bluetooth connection. Keep the app running in the background, you can use the phone and other apps as normal.

Important: The watch crown and pushers are buttons and can not be rotated. The buttons work by pressing. Rotate them with force can lead to damage to the product.

The Weret app requires one of the following:
- Android 6.0 and up
- iOS 11.4 and up

Terms and conditions: Weret Smart Watch mobile application»

>> Even if your watch is water-resistant, in order to avoid water penetration, which could damage the movement, it is imperative not to use the pushers when the watch is in contact with water.

>> Many components in our movement are made of metal, so magnetic fields may temporarily disrupt their functioning, or even cause a total stop. We strongly recommend you not to place the watch on devices with a magnetic field such as microwaves, refrigerators, speakers, etc.

>> You should avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures of above 50°C/131°F or below -5°C/23°F. Also, avoid sudden changes in temperature, for example in a sauna or when diving into cold water after direct exposure to the sun. Sudden and extreme temperature changes can cause condensation on the inside of the glass.

>> Do not disassemble the watch, there are no serviceable parts inside the watch.

>> Do not allow small children to play with the device as small parts may come loose and pose a choking hazard.

>> Do not use this transmitting device near sensitive medical equipment without requesting permission.

>> If you have electronic medical implants, do not use this device without consulting medical expertise first.

>> Radio frequency exposure - Your Weret device is equipped with a radio transmitter and receiver of BluetoothTM Low Energy type, operating in the frequency range 2402 to 2480 MHz. Its radiated output power is far below exposure limits set by national authorities such as the FCC, IC, European Council and international health agencies.

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