The Weret watch is an analog smartwatch that adapts to your lifestyle by streaming relevant live data directly to your wrist. The complete watch setup is done using the smartphone application (app). The setup contains initialization and calibration of the watch hands, identification of the watch edition and variant, and selection of a data theme. Follow the steps below to get started with your watch:

A - Activate your watch
The watch arrives in “shipping mode” and is inactive. It is activated by placing it on top of the accompanying Weret induction charger, letting it sit a few seconds and then taking it off the charger. 

When the watch is removed from the charger it exits shipping mode, and the second hand will start moving. If the battery level is below 25%, it will charge up to 25% before exiting shipping mode.

B - Charge your Weret watch  

1. Connect the charging plate to a USB outlet using the charger provided in the sales box.

2. Make sure the charging plate is facing up, and that there's nothing on the plate.

3. Place your watch in the center of the charging plate for 2 hours, until it is fully charged.

>> Attention: It's normal for the charging plate and device to get warm.

C - Download and install the Weret app

To configure the watch and enable it to show other data than the current time, it has to be “paired” with a smartphone running the Weret smartphone app. 

1. Find the Weret app in one of these locations, depending on your device:

The Apple® App Store® for iOS devices 

The Google PlayTM Store for Android devices 

2. Install the app.

D - Turn Bluetooth on and follow the app instructions

When the app is installed, open it and get started. You’ll be guided through the process of connecting (pairing) your Weret Watch to your mobile device.

E - Putting on your Weret Watch 

The Weret watch straps have built-in quick release pins for a speedy attachment to your watch. If the knobs on the tiny steel bars are pulled back, the spring in the bars will be loosened, allowing you to attach the strap to the watch face. Repeat the same procedure if you want to change straps.  

Important: A Bluetooth connection between a phone and the Weret watch is needed for the watch to receive the latest weather data. The phone needs to be within 5 meters range from the watch for Bluetooth connectivity. The Weret app needs to be running in the background for keeping the Bluetooth connection alive. Killing the app will close the Bluetooth connection. Keep the app running in the background, you can use the phone and other apps as normal.

Important: The watch crown and pushers are buttons and can not be rotated. The buttons work by pressing. Rotate them with force can lead to damage to the product.


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