Weret was founded in Sweden by award-winning digital design and development house The Techno Creatives in collaboration with Switzerland's leading movement manufacturer and a watchmaker of functional quality watches on the Swedish west coast for almost a decade. With over 14 years of history in technology, Weret pushed the boundaries of innovation with new exciting functionalities while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality, resulting in a unique hybrid smartwatch presenting surfdata in collaboration with magicseaweed, the world's most popular online free long range surf forecast.

Weret creates watches that are made to last with timeless design, clean silhouettes, innovative techniques, and functional details. Inspired by Scandinavian automotive design it uses only the best materials and craftsmanship honoring the Swedish manufacturing heritage.

A new ocean watch is born. Welcome to Weret and have your world on your wrist! 

What is Weret Watches?

Is there a quick guide to set up my Weret watch?

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