Weret is the world's first connected surf watch powered by magicseaweed - one of the most accurate surf forecasting service on the planet.  Stay up to date with your passion: a glance on your watch is all it takes to know the real-time conditions of your favorite magicseaweed surf spot, such as swell height and wind direction.

The First Limited Editions

We are pushing the boundaries of a classical timepiece enhancing the attributes of the watch and bring it into the twenty-first century without producing yet another activity tracker.

The launch of Weret is accompanied by three editions, each having a unique design, optimized and configurable to present your weather information. You will not only be synchronized with time but also keep track of the aspects of life that matters most to you.

  • Weret Blue Edition - highlights the surf elements and the iconic tide in the color of the seas, comes in completely black PVD coated or in brushed 316L stainless steel. 

  • Weret Clean Edition -  for a sophisticated design in polished 316L stainless steel with a white dial or brushed 316L stainless steel with black dial. 

  • Weret 612 Edition - if you prefer a more stylish look in rose gold or brushed 316L stainless steel with a PVD coated bezel and buttons. 

Inside the watch

At the core of the watch sits a high quality Swiss chronograph movement. Co-developed together with one of the leading Swiss watchmakers to enable innovation and new exciting functionalities while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and quality. 

A Bluetooth connection enables the watch to communicate with your smartphone, making it possible to shift between a conventional watch and an augmented layer. All done without the need for a power hungry and soulless digital display. 

Charging is done via wireless induction a few times every year - fast and convenient.

“Weret" is a watch based on sophisticated craftsmanship with augmented timekeeping that personify who you are and what you are passionate about.”

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